What is the K-LOVE Fan Awards?

The K-LOVE Fan Awards is proud to be the home of the only fan-voted awards show in Christian entertainment. Bringing together the biggest names in Christian music, films, sports, books, and more, the K-LOVE Fan Awards Weekend offers the ultimate fan experience.

At the K-LOVE Fan Awards, our mission is to create a fan experience that celebrates and promotes artists, athletes, authors, and entertainers with excellence that engage and impact popular culture for Jesus Christ.

We know that you and your family are going to be thrilled by the amazing concerts and other festivities, but we also know that there is more to life than which artist wins any given award. That’s why we strive to keep Christ at the center of the K-LOVE Fan Awards.

On top of bringing in the biggest names in Christian entertainment, we also want to offer fans an opportunity to hear from top Christian thinkers. The night is full of fun moments and memorable performances, but we like to remind those in attendance that all of the art being witnessed was created as an act of worship. Here’s Levi Lusko sharing from his heart at the K-LOVE Fan Awards, where he took home the Book Impact Award for “Through the Eyes of a Lion.”


It should come as no surprise to fans that music has the power to inspire us to worship. We see so many strong performances each year and hear so many talented voices, but the experience is beyond artistry. At times it is pure worship. We love that beyond all of the glamour and awards, the K-LOVE Fan Awards can stir our hearts closer to the Lord. Here is one of the most uplifting moments from the K-LOVE Fan Awards, when Natalie Grant brought down the house with the song “King of the World.”


In addition, we’ve partnered with Open Eyes the past few years coming alongside them as they continue to equip Mobile Messengers with transportation to preach the Gospel to under-evangelized communities.

The K-LOVE Fan Awards Weekend is an amazing time to hear great music, meet your favorite artists, and have fun with the whole family. It’s also a blessed event that brings together believers from across the country who would otherwise never be in the same room together. Sharing a love for Christ and good music, this weekend provides an experience for fans that is impossible to match anywhere else.