May 25th - May 27th

Songwriters Showcase
An inside look at the Songwriters Showcase.
Homes 4 Wounded Heros
Military Warriors Support Foundation
The Prettiest Girl In The Room
Continuing prayer's for Brooke's family.

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How to Read the Bible Every Day: Reading Plans and More

How to Read the Bible Every Day: Reading Plans and More

One of the most important things you can do with your day is to read scripture. Everyone has a different method or reading plan that they enjoy partaking in, but all that really matters is that you are making Bible reading a priority. When we take the time to read the Bible each day, we are actively putting on the armor of God and giving ourselves the best shot at being a light in darkness. Reading the Bible is both an offensive and defensive measure. It helps to keep you on the path of the righteous while also enabling you to better serve and witness to those around you. Are you limited in how to read the Bible every day? Is there only one way? Of course not. Here are a few things to consider if you want to know how to read the Bible every day.

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