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Songwriters Showcase
An inside look at the Songwriters Showcase.
Here is the 2018 Kick-Off Concert Line Up
Mandisa's LIVE performance of "Unfinished."

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Christian Writers: A Starter's Kit for Reading Biblically

Christian Writers: A Starter's Kit for Reading Biblically

For someone who is just starting to get serious about his/her faith, whether as a new convert or one looking to dive deeper, it can be hard to navigate all of the great Christian writers who have lent their knowledge over the centuries. You can find wonderful insight on theology, strong works of allegorical fiction, and so much more through the books written by Christian writers from around the globe. You can find something to glean in just about any spiritual book, but we want to give you a starter’s kit for committing to read Biblically. Of course, we’d like to remind you that the Bible itself is the best place to start. Aside from that, however, there are quite a few authors who can provide insight or inspire your faith.

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