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An inside look at the Songwriters Showcase.
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The Prettiest Girl In The Room
Continuing prayer's for Brooke's family.

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Christian Cruises: Should I Take My Family on One?

Christian Cruises: Should I Take My Family on One?

If you’ve been to every national park in your region, spent hours putting up tents or driving in the car, and grown tired of the annual trip to the beach, you might be wondering about the other possibilities available to your family. Christian cruises are a great option for families that are looking to enjoy an all-inclusive vacation where they can literally wave goodbye to the problems of everyday life. Here are a few of the exciting features that Christian cruises provide as well as a few things to take into consideration. Maybe you’ll have your next vacation planned in no time!

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Only a true Christian music fan will know the lyrics to these hit Christian songs. Can you get them all?

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  • Coca‑Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
  • Sports Spectrum
  • With Open Eyes
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